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SH is a leader in HR and recruitment solutions.

SH integrates HR processes, programs and practices with business and ensure that organizations derive maximum value from their human capital.

SH excels in every stage of HR activity. SH's most important strength is its domain knowledge of the various industry sectors it operates in. SH's success is reflected in a rich legacy of prestigious corporations and individuals who rely on the firm to deliver the most appropriate fitments. SH has developed a well-defined process to ensure timely and satisfactory completion of tasks - be it executive search, mass recruiting or contract hiring.

All tasks are process-driven to ensure that the client (employer or candidate) is well-aware of the progress, irrespective of the consultant who is handling the task.


SH has the ability to understand the uniqueness of a position and devise the appropriate recruitment strategy. This includes trying out fresh ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and flexibility to meet the exact requirement of the client.

SH does Executive search, Campus Selection, Research Mapping, Generic resourcing to recruit candidates for our clients.

SH has proven expertise, innovation, flexibility and access to resource to meet an organization's temporary staffing needs. Over time, SH has successfully developed its business and service portfolio to adjust to the changing needs of its clients

SH undertakes the mobilization of personnel in the specified numbers and their placement locations identified by clients through our own team of committed Staffing Solutions members located across India . On request, or at the conclusion of the contract period, the deputed personnel are demobilized from the client sites. SH's employee leasing coupled with payroll services provide a cost effective, professional and effective salary / payroll / administrative and consulting service to businesses that do not have the requisite infrastructure or resources.





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