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Media & Entertainment


SH assist in developing and executing processes required for the complete, trustworthy transfer of organized knowledge. We deliver back office services in the areas of online media, publishing and entertainment to a cross section of industries. We deploy sophisticated graphics tools in publishing critical information for automotive companies and leading news agencies. Our services include:

Data and image processing

Optical character recognition

Text recognition correction

Creation of TV, Radio, Satellite program listings

Updating international events

Digitization and e-publishing


We develop applications for leading news agencies to enhance the various methods in content management like composing, storing and publishing articles. Helpdesk support is also provided for these applications.

Our core technology solutions in online entertainment include the development of SharePoint applications to address collaboration requirements in television music channel networks. We have developed applications that include Gadget Request System, Generic web parts (Custom Calendar, Announcement), Concert Ticketing System, and Document Management etc.





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